This Project is called Help Ruben. I am Ruben, a Washington Heights native, a son, a brother and a photographer. I have been accepted to the School of Visual Arts. Tuition is $30,000 a year, and although my family is in no way affluent and we are not destitute. I am a dedicated student, and artist. I have an Associates Degree in Digital Design from Hostos Community College a part of the City University of New York.

As an artist I am intrigued by the power of a still image. A writer would not be able to tell a story through one word, nor would a composer be able to create a symphony with one note. I am, however, able to create an entire world through one captured moment of time.I am selling these glimpses into another universe for $100. My prints are 12 inches by 18 inches of escapism that will transform your living room, kitchen, office, or lobby into a Caribbean Paradise, an Urban Oasis or a Modern Art Gallery.

My prints are portholes into my experiences in life and making a donation will create a direct link into my future. Once you buy a print or donate money you will be put on a list to receive updates on my most recent work both artistically and scholastically.